Welcome to Numberbands. In 2010 I come up with an idea to produce security / safety bands for children. The idea came to me on a day out at Chessington World of Adventures, where I spotted a small number of children with their carer’s telephone number written on their arm.

This was a simple, yet effective solution, if any of their children got separated from them. It gave the carers peace of mind. I was so impressed by this that I decided to look into an easier solution for every parent / guardian / teacher and came up with a very basic band for the child to wear daily or on a one off trip.

The reason I felt I needed to do more about this is one child in the UK will go missing every minute and 200 in the USA every 5 minutes. Our hope is that our bands will reduce this number and stop any stress to the child or family. Our plan is to issue free bands to every school child in the UK for use on school trips. The band is fully waterproof and tear resistant. It can be worn for up 2 weeks and can only be removed if cut off.

- Kelly Marie Howard - Kelly Marie Howard